Higher Education System of Uruguay

The Department of Higher Education of Uruguay is in charge of matters related to higher education institutions and private universities.

Types of Higher Education

Higher education in Uruguay is of two types:
  • University higher education
  • Non-university higher education

University Higher Education

University higher education consists of two public and 4 private universities. Universidad de la Republica is the public university in Uruguay, and 4 private universities are: Universidad de la Empresa, Universidad Catolica, Universidad de Montevideo, and Universidad ORT.

Non-University Higher Education

Non-university higher education in Uruguay consists of private institutes, teacher training institutes; the Industrial design centre that is managed by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Uruguay; Military Academy, Naval School and Military Aviation School that come under the responsibility of the Ministry of Defence; and National Police Academy which come under the Ministry of Interior. 

Higher Education Institutions

As per article 4 of decree 104/104, there are 2 types of higher education institutions in Uruguay-

University (Universidad): This type of higher education institution are involved in research, education and teaching, and conduct outreach activities in 3 or more different fields of study. 

University Institute (Instituto Universitario ): This type of higher education is involves in education, teaching and research, and conduct outreach activities in 1 or more related fields of study, or in 2 different disciplines. 

Higher Education Qualifications

Professional degrees/qualifications are awarded by the universities or university institutes in Uruguay. Following are the qualifications:

First University Degree: Bachelor Degree

The university degree is the first higher education qualification that is awarded by the universities in Uruguay. 
  • Duration: 4 years

Graduate Studies

Specialisation: A specialisation degree in 1 or more related fields is offered. It provides in-depth studies in one or more related areas. 
  • Duration: 1 year
Master's degree: This degree involves writing of a master’s dissertation or report. Admission to this degree level is based on the first university level degree.
  • Duration: 2 years
  • Title: Master (field name)
Doctorate: Admission to the doctorate degree is based on the master’s degree. This degree requires conducting of an original research, and writing and submission of a thesis.
  • Duration: 3 years
  • Title awarded: Doctor (field name)

Fields of Study

Higher education in Uruguay is offered in the following fields of study: Sciences, design, fine arts, agronomy, education sciences and humanities, theology, economic and administration sciences, nutrition and dietetics, law, medicine, architecture, dental technology, social sciences, library sciences, nursing, communication, music, chemistry, psychology, engineering and technology, odontology, and veterinary medicine.

Admission Requirements

Admission into the first university degree is based on the secondary education certificate. In order to enroll in the graduate studies, students must have completed their undergraduate/bachelor degree. 

Admission requirements vary depending on the level of study. For detailed information on the admission requirements for higher education institutions in Uruguay, click here.
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