Cost of Study and Living in Uruguay

Uruguay is an economical study destination. There are a lot of details to keep in mind when travelling to a foreign land to study. Read on to get details on studying and living in Uruguay- tuition fees, living expenses, accommodation, transportation, health care and more..

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees vary depending on the level of study, programme and higher education institution. Contact the higher education institution to know the tuition fee for the undergraduate and graduate study programmes.

Living Expenses

Living expenses in Uruguay for international students vary depending on the location, type of accommodation and facilities offered. Students can expect to pay for a residence hall in Montevideo from US $100 to US $ 400 per month. You can expect to spend US $310 per month on the food.


In Uruguay, there are several accommodation options available for students depending on their requirement and budget. 

Student residences: These are situated in the close vicinity of the institution. All the necessary facilities are available, like kitchen, bathroom, library, laundry etc.

Hotels: Hotels for students are available throughout Uruguay. The cost varies depending on the location and facilities. To find hotels in Uruguay, visit the official website of the Ministry of Tourism of Uruguay. 

Rent a flat/apartment: Furnished apartments are available for students in Uruguay. Costs vary between USD 350 and USD 450, depending on the location-city centre or outside city, type-room or dormitory and number of people sharing it. 


Students can get around Uruguay by bus or taxis. Both are easily available. Urban bus tickets are USD 1. 
Taxis in Uruguay are black and yellow; and white and yellow. They can be flagged down in the street by raising your hand. You can also book a taxi in advance by phone or app.

Health Insurance

International students must have insurance coverage for their entire stay in Uruguay. The medical services offered are- transportation to hospital/ambulance service and emergency care. International students must possess a valid health card. 

Working Conditions

International students who wish to work in Uruguay while studying must contact the Department of Migration of Uruguay to know the terms and conditions. Students on tourist visas are not permitted to work in Uruguay.  

Note: Prices mentioned here are indicative in nature. Exact cost will vary depending upon location and lifestyle etc.
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